Monday, November 06, 2006

Please Vote!

As responsible Americans, it is our duty to get out and vote tomorrow. The fascists who are running our government need to be stopped. If we vote for change tomorrow, we cannot do any worse than the current government has done. Here's just one of a few things you need to remember tomorrow:

The response to Hurricane Katrina

If you think this government cares about minorities and poor people, then you are mistaken. The only thing this government cares about are special interest groups and big corporate business. Yes, the economy is doing great, but only for the most wealthy in this country. Although tomorrow is not a presidential election, it will provide us the means to take power away from President Bush. Without a Republican majority in Congress, President Bush will have a tough time getting anything pushed through Congress or the Senate. Some individuals have also suggested that if the Dems can take back the Senate, that their first action should be to impeach President Bush.

The list of lies and deceptions perpetrated by this government are numerous. First, there were no WMD's in Iraq and that was our only justification prior to our current occupation in Iraq. Second, the President secretly developed an operation that spies on American's without going through the court system and third, President Bush has been unable to capture Osama bin Laden. There are many others, but those are just a few. The litany of failures by this administration is almost inconcieveable. Unless we take some power away from President Bush, the next 2 years are surely going to be filled with more scandals, lies and deceptions. There is no reason to expect anything else.

So, please do your part and vote tomorrow. It is important that we as a people, as a democracy, change the way things are going in Washington. Let's send responsible, intelligent, competent people to Washington to represent our interests and our ideals and not those of special interest groups. Let's get out there and change the future!


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